Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Mile High Comics Thunder Monkey #1 Exclusive Variant cover to feed homeless in Denver

I am offering up Thunder Monkey #1 to feed the homeless in Denver. In collaboration with Bob Conway and the owner of Mile High, Chuck, there is available an exclusive Mile High variant cover with all proceeds going directly to feed people in need. If you missed the kickstarter, here's your chance to get a copy of the book. And if you helped fund the kickstarter, you get an extra thanks for making this charity possible.

Why help the homeless?  I believe that we should take care of our sick and needy.  Mental illness is a big part of it, and until we can better understand how to better help our sick, this is one thing we can do.  I don't think I'd last one night sleeping on a sidewalk in the Colorado winter.  I certainly wouldn't choose to sleep there.

Wonder Woman VS Magneto

Words by Jim McCloskey.  Pencils, inks, colors and lettering by Lee Oaks.

I'm sort of obsessed with matching up DC characters with their Marvel equivalents.  The big two have copied each other since the beginning.  I really wanted there to be another crossover.  I remember the really ugly Almagam crossover in the 90's that was unsatisfying.  I recently learned that they did a JLA/ Avengers crossover in the 2000's.  I am trying to get a copy of it to read.
I started imagining a story where Wonder Woman would fall head over heals for Thor.  Also would love to see Batman and Spiderman face each other's respective rogues gallery.   I think a crossover would be great as a charity event.  Both companies have similar multiverse concepts going currently with multiple versions of earth.  It wouldn't be hard to have DC's Earth 1 and Marvel's Earth 616 cross paths.