Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lee Oaks loves to draw Animals

Secretly jealous of Artists like Frank Cho who get to draw tigers on a regular basis (Marvel's New Ultimates), finally I got my chance to depict some of my favorite animals.  I even got in a badger for Mike Baron and the state of Wisconsin, a gator for Florida, an armadillo for Texas and a ram for Colorado.  Sorry Wyoming, no jackalopes or bison this time...

Hi-Roller #2 Cover by Lee Oaks

When Mike Baron told me about the script, I was excited to get to draw animals, I don't know why but they're so fun to draw, I think it might be because their anatomy offers a rewarding challenge.  I love going to the zoo with my sketchbook to observe and attempt to capture their presence.  Unfortunately no animals appeared in the actual pages, so I had to get in as many animals as I could on the cover.

Popeyes #1 p8 Pencils by Lee Oaks

I like how this turned out.

Marvel inker gives Hi-Roller a boost

I am thrilled to have so much great talent on this project.  As you can see the artist known as "Mechangel2002" on Deviant Art has given some character to would-be deadpan lines.  Thanks Diane!

Lee Oaks draws the Statue of Liberty

It was fun to draw Mr. Eiffel's classic Statue of Liberty.  I never noticed her back leg until the final moments of this drawing.  My mind had always visioned a clump of wrinkles, not the actual anatomy underneath.

Hi-Roller #2 p12 Inks by Adam Hughes inker JASON MARTIN

Living in the same area, I was thrilled to have the Mighty Jason Martin inking my work.  Jason is one of the exclusive few who have had the honor to ink Adam Hughes.  And did so very well I might add.  When I saw his work in his sequential art portfolio and sketches I was blown away.  Young inkers would do well to study his work.  Thanks Jason.