Tuesday, November 30, 2010

THOR official costume LEE OAKS

Thor or Aquaman?...  Both have blond hair and grow the beard from time to time.  Both sport a large iconic weapon related to a natural element.  Both have drawn on Arthurian lore.  Finally both hold a similar status in their respective universes...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Popeyes #1 p8 Lee Oaks

If you get a happy meal at Popeyes you recieve a comic book for a prize!  
Written by Eisner award winner Mike Baron!

Popeyes #3 p4 inks by Mark Stegbauer

Pencils above inks below
I think Marks inks give a nice effective style not to mention fast, 
this guy can chew 'em up before I can spit 'em out.

Near Future LEE OAKS

Hi-Roller #3 p8 pencils Lee Oaks

Hi-Roller #3 p8 inks by Mark Stegbauer

By issue #3 Mark and my styles start to resonate.