Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The ROCKETEER created by Dave Stevens pencils by Lee Oaks

The ROCKETEER created by Dave Stevens pencils by Lee Oaks.  Who doesn't love the Rocketeer?  I almost met Dave Stevens one year at San Diego Comic Con, but he was away from his booth when I was there.  I couldn't know that was my one and only chance to meet him before he died.  But his incredible character lives on.  I really wanted to draw the Rocketeer and a couple years before IDW reprinted the Deluxe Edition and new material, I asked Mike Baron what had become of the rights to the character.  I envisioned putting together a sort of pitch to propose to publishers.  Unfortunately, when I tried to draw the Rocketeer, it wasn't on par with Stevens.  Like many artists, I felt inadequate compared to him.  For that reason and the other project deadlines I had at the time, I didn't pursue it.  For me it is one of the top dream projects I can imagine.  Among comic professionals Dave Stevens is a legend, he's kind of a Jimi Hendrix of comics. I regret not having met him in person, but glad IDW is publishing new stories with the Rocketeer.